Aluminum fence in industrial fence

Speaking of the fence, many people think of the fences on the balcony, the partitions on the road, or the fence on the wall, there is a uncommon, that is, the aluminum products fence, aluminum products fence is also We often say industrial aluminum profiles, this aluminum fence Custom Aluminium Fabrication is used in the factory, which belongs to the industrial fence.

Aluminum products fence include aluminum profiles, automated protective fences, robotic workstations, anti-arc light screen, etc. Or in direct contact with equipment, it is safely warning, often and alarms and power-off equipment supporting. The frame portion uses aluminum profiles, with wire mesh, acrylic, PC, etc.

Industrial aluminum profiles can be applied to the following places, like factory workshops, robotic equipment, airport stations or schools, and hospitals, industrial aluminum-shaped fences do not need to be welded, easy to reduce, can reduce resource waste and Cost, no need to paint, do not produce gases such as formaldehyde, both healthy and environmentally friendly, surfaceless, no scratches. Industrial aluminum-shaped columns are suitable for indoors, not only can be made into fence, but also make it into a protective cover, framework, clean room, etc.